Need some help - Multiple simultaneous rule execution error

Good morning, I began receiving this error when I did the following rule. But first, my goal with the rule is as follows: during the night hours, if motion is detected on the driveway or porch then the outside lights will turn on. The lights will continue to be on until both the porch and driveway motion detectors go inactive. Once the motion is inactive, a short delay takes place and then the lights are turned off. Any help is appreciated.

You have a cancellable delay, but you aren't cancelling it. So, every time motion goes inactive, you've triggered the delay. If they go active again, they will eventually go back to inactive and the delay will again be scheduled. You can just make your first action after the IF statement to "cancel delayed actions."

Here's a simpler re-write of your rule that should still work the way you want (untested).

//Only run the rule during these times
Required Expression: "Time between Sunset+25 and Sunrise-20" 
//Only need to know when the sensors go active.
//We'll handle inactive in the actions
Trigger: "Motion sensors go active"
//Self explanatory
"On: Lights"
//This will subscribe to the inactive event for the motion sensors
// and then wait another two minutes before moving on
"Wait for event: motion sensors go inactive for 2 minutes"
//After the motion goes inactive for two minutes. Turn off the lights
"Off: Lights"

The required expression limits when the rule will run. A "wait for event" is auto-cancelled any time the rule is triggered again so you won't have them stacking like a "delay."

Thanks. I will give this a go!

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