Need some guidance

So I had a lot of trouble early on keeping my gen 1 Iris devices connected and in troubleshooting this we found times of events were off but we're off by hours due to some times referencing GMT. All that seemed to go away but other smaller problems persisted.

Like I ended up bailing on Hubitats presence since it worked sporadically on my wife's phone and went with Life360. This seemed to work great but HSM doesn't always work right. Most times it will auto arm and disarm as it should but it doesn't always turn on all the lights it should. Yet I can turn these on through the dashboard just fine.

We also had constant issues with disarming with the keypad, it was so bad at one point we added a hidden switch to kill the siren. This seemed to go away until this morning. Today according to the events from each device, my wife disarmed the system through the keypad at 4:55, then went to get the pup out of the kennel and didn't open the front door until 5:00. This should have been no issue but instead HSM was activated. What is strange to me is the siren says it was turned on at 4:57, since I have a 60 sec delay it thinks something opened at 4:56. I found nothing. Also confusing is that again only part of the scene was run, three lights came on... one did not.

Any thoughts on what could be causing this? At this point my wife wants this out since all the false alarms keep waking my son and scaring the crap out of him. All of the devices tied to HSM were fully functional on Iris but to varying degrees seem to be having issues on Hubitat.

My first suggestion would be not using that siren until you work out the issues. May they be zwave/zigbee related or something else. Pick up an inexpensive RGB bulb and use colors to indicate siren on/off. At least you can test. Honestly they only way you are going to solve this is with some dedicated time testing and looking/posting logs.

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I will look into something like this, just frustrated since it was stable for a while. So it is going to be hard to figure out a random error. It isn't like it is the same device that fails each time.

Based on what you said I'd start looking at a wireless issue. Thinking you have mostly zigbee. Did you check into your zigbee channel and wifi channel in the house? Lots of times while you can turn something on/off via the control panel..when you have an automation that turns off 10 things and the mesh isn't start seeing random things. Just a place to start.

Txs for the input. The door window sensors are zigbee and I think I had checked wireless channels before but I will double check. As for the comment about not all lights turning on reliably during trigger, those are Z-wave.

Honestly I think something must be corrupted some how. While the time stamps say the siren was activated before the door was opened this clearly didn't happen since my wife was already outside walking the dog and had no idea the alarm went off. So she disarmed at 4:55, I would estimate it took her about 2 minutes to get the dog out of the kennel and leashed before getting to the door again. So the 4:57 trigger time for the siren would have be the time I would have expected the door to open. Then we have a 60 sec delay which means the siren should have come on at 4:58. I just can't wrap my head around why the time stamps are wrong. This makes me think there is something else wrong besides a communication issue.

if you have removed zwave stuff in the past...possibly without "excluding" it first...have a look through this thread: