Need quick recommendation to order tonight for 2 Smart Plugs

In the US and leaving our vacation house in 48 hours so need to order ASAP.

Purpose: Turn on/off lamps in house.

3 Ring Extenders
3 Hubitat Extenders

Location central so I am flexible. Just need a small smart plug x 2.
Just want a reputable product that amazon can delivery quickly.

Thanks for quick response.

(Normally, I would research extensively but my wife threw this wild card into the mix tonight...)

One of my favorites, plug/repeater:

THIRDREALITY Zigbee Smart Plug 4 Pack, 15A Smart Outlet with Timer Function, ETL Certified,


@atwnsw These are awesome and are also zigbee repeaters. You can have them tomorrow if you order in 2-1/2 hours

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That one's nice in that it does energy reporting if you need that.

I don't think the Third Reality or the one I recommended (Centralite) report energy. I don't need energy reporting so not an issue for me, and I have great history w/Centralite devices' repeating capabilities so I have stuck w/them.

Hey Rick, can you confirm what @danabw stated? Do you see power reports? I see in the description on AMZ power reporting, but would like to confirm if supported on HE.

Can confirm the Sengled NB-7s (what Rick linked to) report power well -- I been using 2 of them for that for a couple months, and they've been very solid.

The sengleds I posted above to power reporting quite nicely


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