Need Leviton DZ15S Switch 1.20 Firmware Update

I'm having trouble updating some of my Leviton switches using the firmware updater provided by Leviton technical support, who unfortunately has not been terribly responsive to my requests for help. I want to try updating it using Simplicity Studio's Z-wave controller or, failing that, the Community App firmware updater. But both require this update file to be in *.hex format. I looked at the instructions for extracting the *.hex format from the executible and... frankly, it was all ancient Greek to me. So I thought I'd ask... does anyone have this file they can share with me, so that I can finally update my last few Leviton switches and experience the Hubitat awesomeness that everyone else is experiencing?

I stumbled across this today. Obviously use at your own risk but it's the .hex files for the Leviton switches:

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Thanks. I ended up getting it to work with the Leviton firmware updater. But I'll keep this bookmarked... just in case.

Just a question here on that driver but isn't the OTA file supposed to be called an .ota file?

Sorry to hijack this thread, but I have a question on this topic. I am also trying to update several DZ15S and DZ6HD units through my hub using the hex files linked above.

My hub reports that the firmware was updated successfully. However, when I go through the process again with the same device, expecting to see the new firmware number now reflected, it's reporting the same version as before. I have power cycled the devices also and no change.

Is this normal behavior?

Thanks in advance!

I don't think that's normal. For me, the problem was that the firmware updater would not find the devices needing the update. I had to rerun it 20-30 times before it finally found those devices, and once it did, they registered as having the updated firmware.