Need java error trap in RM for variables while editing

So I have a rule that uses a string and a number variable. In modifying the rule I accidentally was setting up a conditional action that needed to use the number variable but selected the string variable accidentally. It threw an immediate error, of course, but it just says check logs and will not let me go in and fix the error. The rule is completely uneditsble. My only choice is to delete the entire rule and start over.

It seems an error trap to prevent the selection of at least still allow for the rule to be edited would be wise.

Since I am on the topic of RM variables, is it possible to get arrays? The rule I can no longer access monitors smoke alarm batteries to hopefully notify me to change them prior to the annoying beep in the middle of the night. The issues, what if multiple devices are below the threshold? It would be nice to have a variable that I can store all devices that meet that criteria, not just one.

Will the notifications app not work for you for battery level?