Need ideas for an NodeMCU and lux sensor

So i bought a NodeMCU board and a lux sensor to do a project. I bought 2-packs of each just because and now I am going a different direction with project so I don't even need to first. I am looking for some ideas for using the NodeMCU board and lux sensor but don't necessarily need to use the lux sensors. I have read thru the threads but not seen something that serves a needed purpose in my home. What are some creative things you guys are doing with NodeMCU boards or with a lux sensor on a NodeMCU board? I have already flashed the first NodeMCU board with Tasmota. If it helps with ideas, i am married with 2 kids under 3.

@ogiewon has written a complete set of code to allow users to run sensors on a NodeMCU. Look at this post Hubduino

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Well, if you have Tasmota on the board, you are going to be limited to switches, since that's pretty much what Tasmota does. You don't mention you have a relay device but if you wanted to use the NodeMCU like a switch, you're going to need a relay.

I would take a look at this thread if you're looking or idea on what folks have done with Arduinos.

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Thanks guys. Looks like I need to add "Learning Arduino" to my skill set. It's a good time to do it while confined at home. Right now, I just have a lux sensor attached to 1st one and I could always just add more sensors to it. I also have a 2nd NodeMCU board that I haven't touched yet.