Need help with Zigbee replacement

I need some help. Here's the back story. A few years ago I purchased a few used Visonic Zigbee contact sensors. I had some new ones installed and they worked well so when I needed more, I looked for "used" to add. I got 5 of them, only needed 2 so when they arrived I checked all 5 by adding them to my C5 hub. The 2 I needed I gave the names for them, the other 3 I named "New" 1, 2 and 3. All 5 worked great though a couple the batteries were low. The 2 I immediately needed have been working fine with various rules running.
Now, one of the ones I actually was using seemed to be draining batteries too quickly so I figured I'd swap that one with one of the still "installed" ones that were in fact never put up, but batteries removed and thrown in a drawer.
So, I took the "bad one" and renamed it "LR Window OLD", leaving all the rules in place. I then installed a battery in "New 1", checked the device and it was functioning fine. So, then gave it the "bad" name of "LR Window", then I added the rules back in the apps the "bad" was using, which still had the "LR Window OLD" also in, by changing the names in each rule from the "OLD" to the original "LR Window". Tested the new one out and all was good, except! The "LR Window OLD" still had 4 rules still attached. One I understand, a notifier that used "all available". Three are a "Watchdog" app that doesn’t concern me. The last, which does concern me is the HSM rule.
I have checked all the rules (especially the HSM ones) and there is no mention of the "LR Window OLD" in them except in the “Notifier” rule where it is listed in the devices eligible to be “checked” but it is NOT checked. So as everything is working correctly do I,

!. Simply stop worrying about it, or blow all the Rules away and start from scratch. And finally , do I dare just delete the "LR Window OLD" device from the device table even as it asks if I am sure because it is listed in these 4 rules?

Thanks for any and all suggestions!

When there's nothing in the rule, but the device says it's still part of that rule, you can just delete the old device. It's usually that it was a condition of a rule, but no longer used in the rule. Wouldn't worry about consequences of deleting if you can see yourself that the device isn't used in the rule. "Use All devices" is one condition that will cause a rule or app to remain listed in an otherwise unused device.

If you're concerned about breaking a rule, you can backup the rule first. There's also just rolling back the database if anything goes wrong (you ARE making local database backups before doing changes anyway, right? :wink:).


Yeah , that was my plan just wanted to see if my thinking process was logical before messing things up. Appreciate the input.

Mission accomplished, I will report any adverse effects in a day or two.

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Works great! Thanks again

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