Need help with this rule

I am not sure why this rule isn’t working. In this snapshot all the conditions are TRUE but it is saying FALSE and it doesn’t turn on the light.

Not sure if this will solve your problem, but I would write the beginning of the rule like this:

If the rule gets past the "Exit Rule" and on to the "Else-IF", by definition it is Saturday or Sunday and between 9 am and 11 pm. No need to define these in the "Else-IF" since they will always evaluate as true if the rule makes it past the "Exit Rule" and to the "Else-IF"

If you want the rule to work as you wrote it, I would try adding END-IF after your first two IF statements, to ensure your conditions that come after your third IF evaluate as you want them to.

You have a "phantom condition" that you never finished setting up in that rule. If you click on Actions, does it immediately bring you into defining the conditions for a conditional action?


I would really like to know where the (F) is coming from. As I understand it, a (T) or (F) evaluates the condition of a device, and a [TRUE] or [FALSE] evaluates the condition of the entire expression. It looks like the "Illuminance of Ryan's Zooz Motion Sensor" is being evaluated twice, once true (T) and once false (F). Makes me wonder if RM is evaluating both the illuminance and the motion (contrary to what you define in the rule). If you activate the motion sensor does that second (F) evaluate to true (T)?

Something went wrong when the rule was being built. I suspect that a device that was a condition in the rule was removed from the system. Now, there is no condition to put in there. Erasing the expression and re-inputting it should clear that up.

That is what I was thinking. Something went wrong. I will redo this and see what happens. I think when I set this up I did a copy of my Weekday rule and then changed some of the conditions. Maybe that screwed things up.

I don't think you need to have ENDIF on Simple Conditions.

Here is the rule redone. It seems to be evaluating correctly now.

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