Need help with Sendmail

I loaded "LGK Sendmail V2 v3.6" using Hubitat Packagemanager.
In the device setup page, I need help.

Can someone please explain what is data is needed for each and every item, in the Commands and the Preferences section? Examples would be helpful.


@kahn-hubitat would be the right person to answer this. My understanding is that his Sendmail integration works best if you use your ISP's mail server and not something like GMail. To get it work with GMail, you will probably have to subscribe to G-Suite.

Also, I'd recommend following up on the parent thread for @kahn-hubitat's app, linked below:

@jmforem - you may be able to get around this by creating an "app specific password" in your gmail profile and then using that password instead of your regular password here. I think Gmail asks you the first time to validate the account and I am not sure if this app will handle that. I don't use this app in HE, but use this approach for sending SMS from Node-RED.

To create an app specific password, go to your Google Account ->Security->Signing Into Google -> App Passwords.

Let us know if that works..

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Yeah because for regular personal email accounts, they turned off "Less Secure Apps" option which is wholly annoying.

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Presumably using TLS? I'm not sure (because I don't use it either) if this app supports TLS.

I believe so. I use the standard node-red-node-email and the documentation says the following:

If you have own signed certificates, Nodemailer can complain about that and refuse sending the message. In this case you can try switching off TLS.

Note: uses SMTP with SSL to port 465.

Don't know if HE telnet supports TLS (apparently that's what is used in this device/app).

Just looked at the code - it definitely uses Base64 encoding of authentication credentials (username/password), but I don't think that Hubitat's telnet implementation supports encryption.

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Just tried it in HE - did not work :frowning_face:

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