Need help with on off switch

I am trying to make an on/off switch in Dashboards that turns a rule on/off and displays what state it is in.

I have a rule that I need to tell me when my son is awake. He has Autism and wakes up at all times. I have it set on door and motion sensors. I currently disable and enable the rule but I have no way to tell if it is on or off without going into the rule. Is there a way to display it in Dashboards?

Thanks in advance

A simple way would be to create a virtual switch device and introduce an IF-THEN-ELSE condition into your rule based on the status of the switch (on or off). You can then include the switch on your dashboard, providing both a status for the rule and the control to turn the rule on and off.

Having the ability to enable / disable apps or even just rules via the dashboard would be a nice addition... If it's not available already (apart from the kind of solution I described). Even the private boolean would be good.

My son has ADHD and it's hard getting him to sleep. In general though he stays in his room. But for general purposes I simply have a rule that notifies our phones from 8:30-6:am if his door is open. (also if his door is closed after 8:30 if he tries to turn on the lights they automatically turn off). That said, my door rule sends a specific tone to our phones. If my German Shepherd hears it, he tears off and runs upstairs (of course our other dog in the excitement follows) and they pin my kid until one of us gets there and puts him back to bed. He doesn't come out anymore as he's getting But I guess my point is, if your kiddo has a regular bedtime routine, just set a static rule with time...

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I wish he had a stable bed time. He is all over the place. Most times he only sleeps 4 hours a day. I have a contact sensor on his door and a motion sensor in his attached bathroom. Both send messages to phone and speaker. One turns on lights. I need to disable it from time to time to go in his room if I forgot to do something after he falls asleep.

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I will try that. Thank you for your response.

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Mine used to be like that. I started him on 1mg melotonin gummi's... Did wonders. After about 6 mos he didn't need them anymore. But back to your original problem. Use a virtual switch to turn the rule off an on (include in the rule to turn on the virtual switch incase you have a timer on the rule). Expose that switch to the dashboard. You can use that as your visual indicator.

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