Need Help With Humidifier Rule

Former ST person who used a Webcore Piston to run my three humidifiers in the Winter. For the life of me I can't wrap my head around RM 4 yet (But I love HE) I had different humidity settings for each humidifier. (I use my Ecobee's Humidity Reading) For example, if humidity fell below 47% the first one would kick on, and of course turn off if it went back above 47%. Second one would kick on if fell below 45% etc. Worked very well. I am seeking help in writing this in RM. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I would first set a trigger.

Humidity sensor changed
In you actions maybe an IF-THEN.

Humidity <47.
Turn on humidifier1
Turn off humidifier1.
Humidity <45.
Turn on humidifier2
Turn off humidifier2


This is very basic BTW but it will work.
I'm sure somebody will post a slicker version.


Bobbles version is about a slick as i could imagine it to be as I use the same structure for Dehumidifiers and Heaters. I prefer the <= and => over the < and > though.

Thanks for the reply!

@bobbles @rdstov Will this work? Do I need anything at the very end? The repeaters are 3210 outlets by the way.

I don't see why not.
Everytime the humidity sensor value changes it should evaluate every IF statement.
Nothing else needed at the end that I can see.
You could turn logging on for the rule, open a live logging window, blow on your humidity sensor and see the rule being evaluated in the logs. If you do don't forget to turn logging off afterwards.

Appreciate the help