Need Help with Customized Integration

Hi everyone,

So I bought the Hubitat Elevate and was planning to set it up for my home, but things are not going as planned! I can't connect anything to the hub and feel lost, could you guys help me set it up?

My home has the smart devices listed below:

1x August smart luck and keypad 4th Gen

1x iRobot vacuum

1x Nest Thermostat (Latest Gen)

2x Nest sensors

2x Nest Smoke and Monoxide detectors

4x Ring Security floodlights (Connected to the ring bridge)

7x Lutron light switches (Dimmer and none dimmer) connected to smart bridge (none-pro)

1x Ubiquiti Doorbell and 4 G3 Flex cameras on the way

1x Bose 500 smart speaker

and few more devices like AVR, smart TV, Smart fridge, etc..

Generally, You’ll need to install user-provided apps and drivers to integrate most if not all of those devices. Search the forums for those devices and you’ll find instructions on how to integrate them. I’m pretty sure someone has coded the integration for all of your devices, so it’s just a matter of you finding the right integration.

As far as the Google driver, for example, this is the latest code. I might start with other devices first though because the Google devices are a bit involved to set up. Better to get your feet wet with other easier devices.

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August 4th gen: [Release] Alpha version of August Home (wifi door lock)
Which robot vacuum?
If your Nest devices have been moved to Google account:[Beta] Google SDM API - Nest integration - #650 by dkilgore90
Don't think they have made the protects a part of their API yet
Lutron you have to have the pro bridge with telnet capabilities.
Ubiquity cameras hooked to the Unifi Video server I don't think will integrate, if you can hook those to a BI server then integration for the motion sensors is pretty easy.
TV might depending on the make and model you'd just need to search for it on this community


I wrote an integration for UniFi Protect (supports your doorbell and cameras). You can find it by searching in Hubitat Package Manager (HPM), which I would recommend installing first.

I also have a Bose SoundTouch integration, but I don't think it will work with your 500 speaker because it uses a newer control system than SoundTouch.


For your Lutron lights you will require the Lutron Pro Hub 2. Then install the lutron integration from the apps menu

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Ring community integration


iRobot / Roomba - requires a raspberry pi to run a companion nodeJs program: [Under New Management] iRobot Scheduler - #192 by dkilgore90


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