Need Help with Button Controller (5.1 Release

I'm a newbie coming from VERA.

I try to create a first button controller. I get a button "select button device* click to set".
When I click I this button, I get an additional button "update"
When I click "update", then the "update"-button disappears and nothing else happens.

When I click "done", then I get "Please complete the required fields (ones with a *)". But there is no field. The only way is to remove the unfinished button.

How can I create a button or a button device?

Button Controller can be used to create automations based on events (e.g., button pushes) from button devices you already have added to your system. That list is supposed to show you these devices, so it looks like you just don't have any button devices added to Hubitat yet.

If you're trying to pair a new device, this is done from Devices > Add Device. If you believe you've already paired such a device, what brand and model is it, and what driver (this is under "Type" on the device page) is it using?

My 3 test devices are:

TestPhilio4in1 (Device) Philio PST02-1A Sensor v1.3 User
testPlug (Device) Aeotec Smart Switch 7 (F-plug) User
virtSwitch1 (virtSwitch1) Virtual Switch

Oh, I understand: I only can select a device of the type "virtual button" !

Thank you!

No, you can select real button devices too. :slight_smile: Just looks like you don't have any.

Some smart switches expose multitaps as button events. Not sure about the Aeon. But those or dedicated remote-looking devices (or actual buttons like SmartThings or Fibaro) are probably the most common such devices.

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On VERA I use some NODON and some REMOTEC controller. Later I will try to move them to HUBITAT. If this is possible, then these devices may work as button controller devices.

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for remotech i am using the driver listed below and dont use button controller but yuo can see what type of rules i have below.. mine is kinda complicated becuase i have a fixture with 4 bulbs of varying manuf. and need different settings of each to get simliiar brightness and color..


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Many thanks! This will help me soon, When I've done my basic learning and preparations. I start step by step trying to migrate the devices.