Need help with a simple rule

Did I mention that there are a great many ways to use Rule Machine to accomplish any given task? :sunglasses:


If your modes are already changing based on presence why not just create a rule to unlock your lock based on presence as well? Something as simple as this should work:

For your alarm status lights you could do something like this:

Like Bruce says there are many ways to accomplish any given task.

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I think this is one of the "problems" with Hubitat. There are so many ways to do almost anything you want . . . people get lost just trying to figure out which to use. The more experienced users love this "problem". :cowboy_hat_face:

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This looks like it might be the simplest solution. I am going to try these. Thanks.

Thanks for everyone's help. I am off and running now. Turns out most of the rules that I wrote would have worked if I had used the correct trigger or tested them with the trigger that they were written for. I was using mode changes for the rules and then arming the alarm that corresponded with the mode. As we all know modes turn the alarm on not the other way around. Once I had that straight, I was able to duplicate all of the rules that I had previously used on other systems.


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