Need help with a Rule

OK, I tried the boolean method and I got it to trigger once but now the boolean will not return to false.
Any ideas? thanks

The Boolean won't return to false, or rule truth won't? When you go into your motion rule, does the title show Restricted or True?

Thanks for the reply. I don't remember what it said as I have changed it so many times. I did manage to finally find a way to get it to work. It involves a 3rd rule.

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Sorry I didn't get back to you but I'm in the UK and went offline.
Would you mind sharing how you did it in the end.

I added a motion sensor above the door (ZSE18) in the master bath. I already had one in the master BR (ZSE18) that pointed at the master bath door. Both motion sensors set to 15 sec for inactive.

Rule 1.
T: master bath motion active
C: master bath light off, master bath motion active (false)
True: delayed on:master bath light:4 sec
Restrictions: used between 2 times

Rule 2.
T: master bath light on
A: dim master bath light 15 fade 0
Restrictions: same as rule 1

Rule 3:
T: master bedroom motion active
A: off:master bath light
Restrictions: same as rule 1

Hope this helps. I also made a rule to turn on the master bath light to 99 at the opposite times of the restrictions above so it will come on full any other time.