Need help with a Rule 4 rule


Well, I use it in the bathroom when I don't want motion lighting to turn the lights off, but yes, i just bring the light above 90% and it won't turn off with motion. I also do the reverse in situations where if I'm "hanging out" in the room I would want low light. Motion lighting rules turn the lights on to 100% and anything below 95% prevents the rule from turning them off. Build in override switch.


This saves having to have a bunch of Virtual Switches!:+1:


On another note, anybody know why this isn't logging anything even though the logging is selected?


Can you show your logs? What do you think they are missing?


Well, when I first setup a new rule I select to log the Triggers, Actions, Conditions, etc. so I can see if it is working right. But nothing is logging for this rule, even though the logging is selected.


I am playing with the idea of setting the dimmer level as per your suggestion above. However, the first problem that I see is that even though my light is currently "off" it sees the level as 100% which was the last time it was on. But if I have the condition in the Rule to be =<90%, then it will not be TRUE if the light was in a reading state of 100% before it was turned off. Hope this makes sense. How do you have it setup?


Okay...can you post your logs when the rule runs so we can see what is missing?


You have it set as a condition of turning the light on and I have used it as a condition of turning the light off. All of my motion lighting rules have the condition of the light being off to turning the light on. This prevents the rule from overriding any local changes to level that I have made.


Could I see one of your rules to get an idea of how you did it?




What does *** malformed REPEAT *** actually mean? The rule works but I see this error when I edit the IF statement.


You don't have an End-RPT statement to tell the rule where the repeat ends.


So I put the END-REP in this one. Does it need to go after an ELSE?


This will repeat every 30 seconds forever. You don't have any type of stop repeat actions in your rule. Maybe look at one of the example rule 4.0 repeat rules and use that as a guide.


Yes I need to go look at those again. Still can't get the repeat and also delay in my head. Thanks


No problem. Just remember that if you repeat something you have to decide the number of times to repeat it or how it will be canceled. Otherwise, it will repeat forever. There are some good examples in the documentation.


I am still working on this Light Rule. Decided to go with a virtual switch as I was having trouble trying to get it working with lower or higher light settings. So I want the light to turn on when motion is active and stay on if there is motion detected within 2 minutes. But if I tell Alexa I am reading, the VS will turn on which will also make the rule True. BUT is there some way of cancelling the whole rule from running if I make the light go off myself (by asking Alexa to turn it off)?


Try this with Motion Lighting instead, I think you'll find it easier. It will create its own VS for Alexa also.


Really? I will have a look!


Can the motion lighting app have certain times by days of week? M-F or Sat&Sun? Also, if I ask Alexa to turn off the light, does that constitute the light being turned off manually?