Need help troubleshooting Schlage lock

After migrating just about all my devices & automation from ST I spent some time tweaking the Hubitat Elevation hub location and device placement and seem to have gotten everything as responsive and reliable as possible. With the exception of a Schlage FE599 door lock. It usually works fine but it occasionally has a condition where it won't lock. When I try to lock it in the dashboard I get an endless "sending" hourglass, and it won't take commands from its device page. If I go to the lock and push the button to lock it it becomes responsive and once again takes remote commands.
When it's not working the log shows nothing when I send a lock command, but after waking it up the log shows all commands. There is a GE z-wave plug 10 feet away from the lock. It works fine all the time... shouldn't it repeat the z-wave signal to the lock? I've tried doing a z-wave repair also. I'm not sure how to troubleshoot this.

I have a Schlage Z-Wave lock also. Worked fine in ST but when I moved to HE not so good. Same issues as you are having.

My lock today has been working 100% . Here's some thing I did to get it working.

  1. Made sure there were Alkaline batteries in the lock ( don't think this has anything to do with it but... )

  2. Changed out some older Z-Wave light switches with Z-Wave Plus

  3. Added another Z-Wave extender

  4. Shutdown the hub for about 2 hours ( this one I think did it ) Ever since I shut down the hub, my lock has been working flawlessly.


A footnote to this - I finally removed the next to the last of the (damn) GE Z-Wave switches I had in my house and replaced it with a Lutron Dimmer. I held my breath because that switch was right next to the Schlage FE599 on my back door. I was afraid I might never see that lock on my hub again. Surprise! It's working fine. I think it's using the Zooz ZEN06 across the shop by my work bench (and probably has been all along). I don't claim to understand the details but some of these devices work much better as repeaters for locks than others. At least for me, I don't think the GE switch was doing much of anything.


Literally working with support right now related to a Schlage lock that’s overwhelming my hub.

Super frustrating that they work so poorly with HE but seemed to work perfectly with ST and the rboy driver and app. :confused:

@bertabcd1234 posted this the other day. Definitely worth a read.


@staze. I've had issues with my Schlage Lock since day 1 on HE. Once I removed my GE-Z-Wave switches and replaced them with new Z-Wave Plus switches, I haven't had any issues at all.

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My Schlage locks are by far my least favorite IoT devices. If it wasn't such an expensive proposition I would have pulled them out and Office Space smashed them by now. Maybe I'll try ebaying them...

I only have a single GE switch (Z-wave plus), with better repeaters closer to the lock. I've got Zooz ZEN27 switches, and 4 aeotec repeaters around my house.

My Yale lock is flawless. If the Schlage's didn't work so well in ST (with far fewer repeaters and other zwave devices), I wouldn't have bought my second one. Just wish HE would throw some money at rboy and have them port their driver and app...

I've read that article several times. The real ironic part is my schlage locks worked perfectly, with a weaker mesh, in ST.

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Is your Yale a Zigbee, Z-Wave or Z-Wave Plus? The problem with my Schlage is it's only Z-Wave.

The Zigbee and Zwave radios are very low powered. It takes very little to block or absorb them. A couple of inches up/down left/right can make a difference. The orientation of the antenna in the device makes a difference. All antennas have dead or weak spots. There will always be differences between different devices. Once you get the right devices in the right locations to guarantee enough coverage to get reliable communications the problems go away. You can't tell radio ways to go the way you want them to.

It's a z-wave. B1L Z-wave lock.

Z-wave plus locks are still super expensive.

Support has said my yale only has about 50 errors in the log. My "good" schlage has about 1500. My "bad" schlage has about 150,000.

I'm well aware. But my mesh is quite strong. my HE hub isn't in the best location, but it's where I wanted it. I'm going to try moving it (closer to the lock) to see if that helps. There's no documentation regarding orientation of the hub (I have it flat against a wall).

This isn't a case of "can't receive", it's "error decoding message". So either the message is being corrupted, or the lock is f'd.

If your mesh was quite strong, your lock would work. If you got anything from the ST post, the title said it all. It isn't about the hub being close to the lock. I have a fan controller that is within touching distance of the hub. Same room, same side of the wall. That fan controller is actually 3 hops from the hub in the Zwave map.

okay. not going to argue this. I have the tools to confirm mesh health. it's healthy. it's strong. there are lots of repeaters the lock can talk to. I can tell the lock to rebuild it's neighbors (even though the HE hub won't).

Schlage locks don't work well with HE hubs. Wish they did. Would pack this guy up and send to HE so they could figure it out if I had a spare Yale to replace it with.

I haven't made the switch to HE yet, only moving to our new place next weekend so I've been waiting on that.

My Schlage locks gave me all kinds of issues on ST as well UNTIL I started using rboy's driver and app, then every single one of my problems went away and did not re-surface in well over a year of use.

With all the posts I've seen about Schlage locks and HE, I'm contemplating keeping the locks on ST using rboy's driver and app and then using HubConnect to see their status in HE. I've got 6 of them to setup and don't really want to deal with all these issues I'm seeing others have.

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I've thought about doing this. I've come within moments of doing it (hooking up old ST hub, getting rboy back installed, etc). But I keep thinking HE will fix it... and don't want to move them back and forth. I also worry I'd have to move at least some of my repeaters to ST, which would further fragment things. =(

Try unplugging (powering off) your SmartThings hub it maybe causing interference.
I have two Schlage Zwave lock with old firmware and recently moved them from my old Hubitat C-3 hub to a networked Hubitat C-5 hub which also has a SmartThings V2 hub networked to it.
I was having a problem connecting the locks until I powered off my SmartThings Hub.
After connecting successfully to my C-5 hub. I powered back on my SmartThings hub and have not had any issues since.
Or it could be another faulty Zwave device causing the problem. Only way to tell is power one off at a time and see if that fixes your issue.

ST hub is off. Unplugged last night, HE support says it's (the lock) having issues.

And yeah, could be a faulty repeater. I need to test each of them...

I had a faulty Zwave GE switch that would knock my locks off whenever I physically turn it on/off but would work fine if controlling the switch just from the hub. It was just luck that I noticed what it was doing.

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