Need Help for Zemismart Zigbee Switch KS-811 driver

Cant find the driver for this device

zigbee/zemismart zigbee switch DTH.groovy at master ยท zemismart/zigbee ยท GitHub Probably needs work to convert it for Hubitat

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Have you tried the Aurora Zigbee Switch driver?

yes but this is for a single switch not for 3 switch

but before it was working with zemismart smart switch driver but in new update was gone. Dont know what happen.

Hubitat does not include any driver named zemismart smart switch

Hi triskelion95. Did you ever figure this out? I also have several 3x Zemismart switches. I can control them with Hubitat via IFTTT and their native Smart Life app, but obviously that isn't ideal. Would love to implement a local (i.e., more responsive) solution instead.

In terms of quality and function, the switches themselves are excellent and I don't want to replace them- particularly because there are very few decent single-gang 3x-throw smart switches out there. I'm a relatively new HE user and hope to figure this out as I learn more. Thanks for any ideas!