Need help deciding between ST and Hubitat

I was just telling you it supported a humidifier. @scunny is selling it - you should consider PMing them.

Not sure how familiar with the forum. What aaiyar is suggesting sending a private message. Click on your avatar and select the mail envelope.
If you already know this please disregard. When I was new some of the acronyms I didn't get and didn't know how to do.

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$175 including 3 remote sensors and shipping.[quote="thackstonns, post:26, topic:66920, full:true"]
How much are you wanting for it?

$175 including 3 remote sensors and shipping.

So I ordered the hubitat in. What devices are you guys using as repeaters? It seems like z wave devices are starting to go the way of the dodo.

ring or aeon ver 7

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I took the suggestion from @bcopeland (My Favorite Z-Wave Devices (Currently)) and got the Ring Range Extender Gen2 (700 series) when I started building out the mesh for my new hub.

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The advantage of the Ring Alarm Extender Gen 2 is that it has a Z-Wave 700 series chip (increased range), internal battery backup, and can send power events (switch from mains to battery, and back) so you can do a graceful shutdown for your UPS-powered hub.

Do I need actual repeaters? Can I get a bunch of z wave outlets? I would like to avoid a bunch of repeaters that don’t serve another function.

It all depends on your house, its layout, the materials in the walls and floors, and the devices you have. Hubitat’s antenna doesn’t have as much gain as other hubs have. Also, it makes it easier to build out your mesh if you start with repeaters.

This might help:

I've seen them advertised on Home Depot's website. My recollection is a single shade for my office window (roughly 39 inches square) was around $700.

Can someone clarify (or link to) which ring extender you are talking about? I can find a Ring Alarm Extender. Is this the same thing? When I read the description of this device there is no mention of zwave at all. Is this the device and if not please link to the correct one.

Ring Alarm Extender is the correct name.

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That’s the one. Read the small print, you will see “(2nd Gen)”. That’s the one with the 700 series Z-Wave chip.

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What puzzled me was this line:

  • Requires the Ring Alarm Base Station and only boosts the Ring Alarm system network

It's a purposeful distraction, but may also mean that it doesn't work with their lights, their technical details:

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I was thinking of getting a few of these. They sound like they will repeat z wave. I’m wondering if these will be sufficient? I see they are officially supported.

Z-Wave Plug Outlet Dual On/Off Switch Outlet, Built in Repeater, Work with SmartThings, Wink, Z-Wave hub Require, White(MP20Z)

i have both but actually found that some outlets or switches depending on wall and box construction dont work as well as plug in repeaters to do the interference of the structures.

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That makes sense. I’ll probably buy both. How far away are you typically installing repeaters. 15ft 30ft? How do you explain to the wife when she unplugs them not to do that?

i pretty much have either a switch and or repeater in each room.. and a couple of the ring on each floor as they can work een with power outages as the hub is on an ups.

avg. space is about 30 feet from each. i make sure i leave at least one of each plug empty if i plug in a repeater. and if need more put a four outlet plug in strip in the plug

Don't rely on just switches and outlets to repeat. Get the Ring (probably currently best) or the Aeotecs. Maybe two per 2000 SF or so.