Need advise on this rule

Hi guys, I'm trying to create a rule that turn on the living room light when I reached home.

The rule that I made doesn't work and I'm not sure why.
Anyone here can give advise on this?

Set your trigger to the Main door as changed not the main gate.

Your motion sensors may also be blocking the rule from executing. Also a little description on what the dining light is would help.

Here is a rule I use to turn on and off entryway lights when I come home using simple lighting.

Granted it turns them on when I leave also but they are only on for a few minutes and it's useful for others that are leaving with me.

You could add restrictions for mode or time of day also if you wanted.

The dining light is the one i want to turn on when i arrive home.

Gonna try this example. Thank you so much


With how you have the rule setup, as soon as the main gate changes the rule will check the status of the main door, motion sensors, and mode. If all of those are not in alignment then it will not execute. I think only The Flash would be fast enough to trigger all of those at once. :wink:

Another possibility is to use the geo fence from the app and when you arrive and open the gate or door then turn on the lighting.


I think you are right, I believe it is looking for things that haven't happened yet.

I am not in Rule Machine brain mode right now, but I think you could do a Wait for Event, then door open, and so on, to fix this.

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