Need a Plug-in Switch Module with Current/power reporting capability


I need a recommendation or comments on a Plug-in switch module with current and/or power reporting capability for 120v operation.
It doesn't matter what radio it uses but I'm looking for a solid performer. I never thought I would need one but things change. Anyway I've not been paying attention to others posting on such a device.

I plan on monitoring a pump, using the power measurement to sense loss of prime. I would write an RM rule triggering on current < 5, action - turn off pump.

Oh and I would prefer a plug in module however a wired in module would work just as well.


For a pump, I would suggest something that can handle higher inrush current. Maybe the Zooz ZEN15?

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Another vote for Zooz z-wave. Have had one monitoring a dehumidifer for more than a year now. Seems reliable and accurate.

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