NC Ice Storm - Power Out for 2 Days - HE SPOILED US!


The Generallinks look pretty slick and are a fricken AWESOME idea. Thank you BIGTIME for posting your setup. It will be a huge help to me in the future!


My comment is still valid. From the Home Depot site in the link you posted:
" Requires 240-Volt outlet on the generator, 14-50 plug."
My comments were for those of us who do not have generators that output 240V, only 110V.
The 30A model lists the same requirement as does the one with the 75A per phase surge protection. If one has a suitable generator, this is a good way to make sure it is plugged into the house safely. If not, then another solution is needed, something like this:
or this:
or some of the ones here:


So you're going to spend the $250 + another $150 for an interlock, plus the cost of an electrician $80-100 per hour to hook everything up, so that you don't have to drag some extension cords around, which is literally the same capacity that you are paying the electrician to wire your install up to handle??? That doesn't seem logical IMO.....FYI, when buying the generallink they ask if you want the 30amp or the 50amp plug......Not to mention if you ever move, you have to uninstall or reinstall it again at the new house, with the generallink, you call your power company tell them to take it off your meter, take it to your new house call them again and 5 minutes later your back in business.


The price of that Gerneralink ALSO includes a 15ft cord matched to your generator, (they call you once you order to confirm your generator will work before shipping), and I can verify that cord they send is the heavy duty version not like the cheaper ones out there, similar to this one.....


I checked their website. The say "200 Amp Continuous" which won't cover my 400 amp meter. It likely wouldn't match the meterbase even if they did go to 400A, as mine is set up with meter-reader telemetry, too.


You might contact them directly to see if others are available, your setup is a bit abnormal, most residential services are 200 Amp service, but possibly they have commercial versions available?


You still have not addressed that the GenerLink requires 240V from the generator. For those of us with generators that only output 110/120V, the GenerLink is not a viable option.


I did answer this multiple times, but I'll opine once more, for those of you without a generator without a 220/240v output, it makes zero logical sense to pay the high expense to have ANY transfer switch and other necessary requirements installed, as generators this small can only power a few small items, at which it's far more cost effective to use extension cords, as the output capacity of generators without 220/240 capability cannot handle more than just a couple smaller items attached. I previously had a 4k watt (110 volt only) Just trying to run ONLY a 20 gallon air compressor at which it overloaded it and wouldn't run trying to use that plugged into breaker panel is pretty much worthless especially for the cost incurred to do so.


Agreed. I must have missed that part. I just went back through the past messages and found it. Sorry for dragging out that part.