Native Onkyo app: device needs to be initialized daily

I have an Onkyo TX-NR777 and am using the native Onkyo app. I've found that the Onkyo device goes unresponsive daily--clicking the mute/unmute, power on/off, power on/off have no effect until I click the "Initialize" button in the device settings. I was under the impression that initialize was a telnet function run automatically at hub start up.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

I am using the Denon driver, mention because they are similar and came out at the same time. I don’t have to reinitialize. Tagging @mike.maxwell because he has an Onkyo receiver and can confirm.

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I believe deep in the bowls of the Onkyo options there's an option for Network Standby, this needs to be On.
Otherwise the Ethernet port is disabled when the device is turned off.


Found it: it's under Power Management>Network Standby. Unfortunately, I already had the option turned on :frowning:

Something network wise is resetting the connection between the Hub and the AVR.
I have two Onkyo's, a 2007 and a 2016, neither of which are dropping connections.

Are you seeing this when the hub is rebooted/restarted?, or it does this everyday even without a reboot...

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Is it possible that the option has to be off so the network interface doesn't go to sleep?

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I have a NR-555. Mine had also dropped connection. I just found the network standby and it was off. I've turned it on now, so will wait and see how it does. I have also set a static IP for this.

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Seems to occur everyday. I'm not sure why the network connection would be resetting. for what's it's worth I have a DHCP reservation for the Onkyo so it's not a DHCP lease expiration/renewal issue. Is there anything in logging that might provide any clues?

Also, I have a TX-NR3010 at my primary location that does the same thing although I can't be sure that Network Standby is enabled at that location. I'll be back there in a couple of weeks and will make a point to check.

I wouldn't think so but I can certainly give it a try.

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Please keep us posted regarding whether or not this works for you. My TX-NR777 is only a month old but has the latest FW installed. That said, Onkyo FW has been pretty spotty in my experience so that might not be a good indicator :frowning:

I've had this once with my Denon. However the night before we had brown out that dipped the lights and might have rebooted the Denon. It has a reservation so it was not an IP change.

I've been checking the Onkyo device daily and it hasn't required a manual "Initialize" since my original post. I'm not sure if it's dumb luck/coincidence or whether just checking some of the settings on the Onkyo did something to fix it. Regardless, it hasn't happened again in the past five days so I think I'm good.

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Mine appears to still work after 6 days. I haven't found a reason to use this functionality yet, but it's nice to have.

In my TV Room I have motion light rules that vary the lights by time of day. I also have a pico that disables the motion and sets the lights for just accents around the screen. I use the integration with my AVR as a fail safe, if the kids just leave the room and don't hit the pico button that turns back on motion lights. I have another rule that will turn off all lights and enable motion 15 minutes after the AVR has been switched off.

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Well it turns out that network standby was disabled on this unit which would explain the need for daily initialization. Looks like everything is now working as it should with both of my Onkyos.

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