NanoLeaf Refresh error and a question about levels

Just got my first NanoLeaf paired ... it seems to be working ... mostly

On the device page in the IDE it shows

Current States

  • colorMode : effects
  • level : 71
  • switch : on
  • colorName : Raspberry Ripple Beret

I upped the level in the Nanoleaf app and hit refresh ... the logs throw a java error when trying to refresh

dev:1252018-05-05 17:31:25.792:errorNo signature of method: NanoleafAurora.refresh() is applicable for argument types: () values: [] Possible solutions: every(), parse(java.lang.String), every(groovy.lang.Closure), grep() on line nullevery(groovy.lang.Closure), grep() on line null
dev:1252018-05-05 17:29:40.732:infoOffice - NanoLeaf, colorMode is effects
dev:1252018-05-05 17:29:40.721:infoOffice - NanoLeaf, effect was was set to Sound Bar

Now for the question: There are two boxes in the setLevel entering anything in the top box seems to do nothing only the bottom box has an impact - is this a bug in the interface? Trying to figure out all the possible settings for some colorful automation while working in my home office :slight_smile:

Level settings are dimmer value 0-100, then fade time in seconds.
@mike.maxwell any chance of adding the descriptions to those values to avoid future confusion?

Nanoleaf apparently doesn't support fade time, so any value in the second box will be ignored.

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Perhaps removing the box would be the best way - zero confusion then ... level is level :slight_smile:

Back end stuff always has the same variables for the same function. The function setLevel supports devices that can vary the fade over time (caseta does, I use it for long fade-outs) and devices that have a set fade time (such as nanoleaf). Just having the values labeled as Level(%) and Time(s) would be enough, I think.

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Interesting, that's a new bug, easy enough to fix.

Set Level on the auroras does not change the brightness when the device is in effects mode. Hue, saturation, color temperature and brightness work the same way they do for other bulbs.
Entering a color temp of 3000, will set the entire panel to that color temp, same for hue and saturation.

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Huh. It works for me. I always have them in effects mode.

I tried an audio one, that didn't work.

Ah, that makes sense. Audio uses dynamic color and brightness.

Let me know if you need anything else log or testing wise