Nanoleaf - how to change effect

I've got the virtual device setup using the delivered device. I'm able to set the effect using the device settings page. However, how can I change the effect using a rule (RM)? I found api docs but have no clue on how to translate that to what hubitat is capable of.

Is it possible for a rule to do this PUT? I'm new to hubitat but am will to hack my way through this if possible.

curl --location --request PUT "http://192.168.x.x:16021/api/v1/Add-a-user-to-generate-auth-token/effects"
--data "{"select" : "Snowfall"}"

Maybe I can answer my own question...looks like Maker API needs to be installed. Then use that to send the command.

you can do this in RM via a custom command setEffect(effectID)

can you better explain ?
i cant find in rule machine 4 how to set a scene in the action section

It's settable in RM using:

thx its working for me :grinning::pray: