Nanoleaf: Downstream Issues with Virtual Switch


I severed the connection I had between Alexa and Nanoleaf in place of the HE version of these devices. What I should've noticed before now but didn't was the way Alexa is recognizing the device.

It's just a virtual switch with on and off. While I'm not expecting the moon with different settings, I would've at least expected the ability to adjust the level via Alexa.

How have the other nanoleaf owners overcome this? At this point, I'm thinking about re-connecting nanoleaf to Alexa and then have HE do just the automation part of the nanoleafs.

Are there updates to the driver that can make it behave more like an RGBW so I can at least adjust level and color via voice like I could with the ST version of this driver?

Or do I have it all wrong and I'm just missing some otherwise obvious setting/functionality?

I control my nanoleaf's through the S2 output of a fibaro dimmer, click to turn on press again to get the next scene.
I use webcore to auto dim depending on how bright it is outside and whether there is any movement in the room.

it will also randomly change scenes and sync to the other RGBW lights in the room.. sometimes

Auto dimming based on outdoor illuminance is a great idea and I already have the parts to make that work.