Naming Convention for hub meshed devices

Maybe its just my own special brand of OCD, but when I link a device via Hub Mesh the DEVICE NAME_(on Hub_Name) drives me nuts! I went through and took the last part off. Recently however, I see the value of somehow identifying those devices which are actually linked from another hub. My question, Would it cause any problems to say use a symbol instead? For example DeviceID* or #DeviceID. So my questions are

  • Is it ok to use punctuation or symbols in a device label?

  • If so , does it matter where (beginning or end), is one more desirable than the other?

  • Are there any symbols that need to be avoided so they don't cause conflicts with any underlying code?


No - just place it where you want. It will impact sorting.

None that I am aware of, but someone will likely pipe in if they are aware of some. I have used spaces (before a name for sorting purpose), _, # and emoticons without issues.

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The only guidence I see in HE land is for variables, and that is to avoid characters: ' " \ ~ [ ] < >

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Ahhh and I was about to Use <>, I think ill just use +#, but it also sound like @Sebastien has has success (or more specifically lack of failure) with emoticons. may try that too.

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You can use emojis. I put a lock emoji at end of device label on device linked from another hub. It doesn't seem to affect label name in Alexa or Google Home integrations.


I hadn't even thought of that yet. We had to shut Alexa off a few months ago. Her "hunches" for some odd reason thought we wanted our bedroom lights on full brightness at 3:00 a.m. We never have ANY lights on full brightness, no idea where that hunch came from. Needless to say a couple days of that cost me big WAF points. That being said I am about to turn it back on, but in a very limited manner. It was pretty much just being used for voice control. I just need to make sure I can have multiple accounts on Alexa. Before the devices were in my wife's Alexa account which always made it a pain in the rear to do anything, because I would have to get her to log into it on her tablet, and that usually takes at least a couple days.

I want to be able to have the devices on my Alexa account, and everything else (mainly Amazon Music) can be on hers,.