Naim Audio

I have some Naim audio devices at home (Uniti Atom and Mu-So). Initially it does not seem that Habitat is compatible with the Naim devices. Does anyone have any experience/information on this?

We have avr drivers for onkyo, pioneer and marantz.
We don't have anything for Naim, and I don't recall anyone posting any work for these.

Thanks for the swift reply. No it does not seem to be anyone who has posted work for these yet. Potentially not the most used audio devices, but great products, so hopefully someone will do in the future.

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At least it seems like the Naim Uniti Atom has a ZigBee based remote control.

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That's a nice looking remote, how do I get my hands on one?

NAIM is a UK based company, however I would think that several US retailers, including Tune Hi Fi , Definitive Audio and Hawthorne Stereo (if you are looking for retailers in the Seatle area - also several others in the US if you go to naimยดs web page) would be able to assist. If not, reaching out to Naim directly would probably work as well (the are normally quite responsive).

Was looking just for the remote, not needing any more electronics...

Yes, that was my assumption. I would assume that you will be able to get one by reaching out to one of the retailers listed or Naim directly.