NAH (Not Another Hub)

Sonitrol TotalGuard hub. Meant for small to medium size businesses.

Nest Hub Max.

That's not really a fair comparison since it is marketed toward the small to medium business market.

True. They seem to be marketing for a SMB security conscious hub solution. I will edit the title.

More competition hopefully means more effort by all to improve their products.

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Good Way ZWave dongles:

"Good Way also offers the Micro USB Dongle that can be inserted into a smartphone or tablet, so that the phone can serve as a Z-Wave gateway, making it possible to establish a Z-Wave smart home ecosystem."

Kami home security system, made by Yi.

ComfortClick launches Colibri, a professional Zwave hub.

YAHAH (Yet Another Home Automation Hub)

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Atom hub, $30 Zwave and WiFi controller.

Sonitrol was part of ADT a few years ago when I worked for them