Mysa Integration

I am new to the forums, and new to hubitat!

I am wondering if anyone has tried integrating Mysa Smart Thermostats to HE?

From the Mysa website:

*Note- Mysa does not have a public API, we're constantly evaluating if/when we should add a public API. If we decide to add a public API, it will be added to our product roadmap.

Without a public API, no integration will be possible to Hubitat. You could use a middleman like IFTTT or Alexa or Google Home but it isn't going to integrate seamlessly. I'd recommend looking at the compatible devices list or searching here on the forum for a device that is supported.

(reviving an old thread) Mysa integrates with IFTTT and IFTTT integrates with Hubitat. Using some virtual switches I am controlling my Mysa with Hubitat via IFTTT in a basic way.

This is also what I was doing but got an email yesterday saying that there will be a new pricing structure for IFTTT. If you stay on free, you will be limited to 3 applets in IFTTT. Unfortunately, I have 6 (2 for each Mysa) so will need to think of another direction in my circumstance.

Yeah, I bit the bullet and am paying the $1.99 for now. I might be able to do some trickery with the Mysa skill and Amazon with virtual switches through HE... but for now sticking with IFTTT in the near term. :confused:

I have been trying to use the Assistant Relay that is in these forums to use it through Google but haven't been able to get past the OAUTH consent piece within the Google API because of an error. I may end up paying the dollars as well to keep it in IFTTT since there aren't many options at the moment. Such great thermostats for my wall heat but really stinks the technology is lacking to tie them all into the rest of the home.

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I actually just got the Assistant Relay to work. I took a bit of a backwards approach because of a weird error with OAuth consent but I highly recommend it if you do not want the IFTTT subscription because it is simple to send through the commands. I was worried I was going to have to hook up the ST hub to keep Mysa in the loop.

If you have smartthings, you could add your thermostat there, as SmartThings has an integration for it, and then use hubconnect to migrate your thermostat over to Hubitat

I actually went the SmartThings route, wondering if it would be better than Assistant Relay. Just did it yesterday and already unplugged the ST hub. It definitely was not better than the Assistant Relay route and reminded me very quickly of why I got rid of SmartThings. The fact that can even be called an "integration" with Mysa is laughable at best to me. Assistant Relay has had a couple hiccups but nothing compared to the short amount of time that I tried with hubconnect with SmartThings (ST hub kept showing disconnected in hubconnect, dropped calls for temperature change, nothing really available or useful in the new app). At least Webcore still worked with it but by the end I questioned why I would go through all that (different hub, Webcore, apps and drivers) when I can just use the Assistant Relay on my server.

However, it did remind me to reach out to Mysa and complain about no public API again so that is the silver-lining I suppose.

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Trying to get multiple Mysa thermostats integrated so I can log the data from their temp sensors.
I've been looking in the forums for Assistant Relay and found A LOT of information, but I'm a bit lost currently.

@clintonathomas1979, would you mind sharing a bit more info about how you got yours set up? Or any link(s) I could use as a starting point?


Unfortunately, I don't think there is a way to pull readings from the Mysa into Hubitat. Even with Assistance Relay, you can send commands to Mysa but not get anything back from Google/Mysa.

However, my need did not include temperature readings from the Mysa, my thermostats are a good distance from common seating areas so I purchased environment sensors to measure temperature where we sit and adjust temperature as necessary using those sensors, using the built-in thermostat controller app.

Worked well for me but have been phasing out Mysas in my home in favor of Sinope zigbee thermostats for true integration with Hubitat and have to say I like them a lot more and no dropped calls to the thermostats.

I still like using the environment sensors with the thermost controller app, even with the Sinope thermostats so maybe that would be a way for you to go. Virtual Thermostat in Hubitat --> Rule based on setpoint change to post command to Assistant Relay --> Changes Mysa setpoint in Google. Not ideal but worked well for me until I decided I just wanted integration.

Got it! Thanks for the info!

I've only recently purchased the Mysa, so I'm going to try a bit more to see if I can poll their temperature by other means.
I did look at the Sinope thermostats as well. Kind of regret not going with those, now :slight_smile:

Just to circle back to this thread, I set up hubconnect today and synced the 5 Mysa thermostats through it. While I wish there was a native driver for HE, this currently works for my needs, which was to log temps and humidity readings from the thermostats, as well as have those available in HE for other possible automations.

Hey, I'm glad you got it working! I just switched from SmartThings to HE and I want to do basically the same thing you do to brig my Mysas along... Could you please clarify your setup? Are you using a physical SmartThings hub still, or just going through the cloud services?

Hi @thefirstdude02_he.
Yes, I am still using a SmartThings hub, and HubConnect v2.0 to bridge from ST to the Hubitat hub.

I've only set it up once and don't remember all the steps, but I essentially followed the installation guide here:

I'm starting to wonder if I should buy a SmartThings hub just so I can connect to my Mysa thermostat through HubConnect... Mysa and Kumo Cloud are the only reasons I spend $1.99/mo on IFTTT.