MyQ Chamberlain Garage Door

I have seriously searched for this before asking but I am not connecting the dots for this and really need help. I am coming from WINK (it just stopped working a few days ago)...and just got my hubitat. I have all the lights and even a few ST multi-purpose sensors all connected. I also have ALEXA - an devices that can directly talk to Alexa - like my AUGUST smart door locks and thermostats i have it setup in Alexa. I'm not sure that's going to the right way though because i cannot see those things in Hubitat as expected. But I digress - I have the MyQ Garage door hub with 2 garage door sensors. I went to github and created the app in Hubitat so i can see it. BUT here's my i turn complete how does this app make the actual connection to my actual MyQ device? I dont see any way to do that. My main goal is to be able to open and close the doors via hubitat but most importantly if the door is left open for 45 min, I want the door to close automatically. i really need help please. thanks in advance.

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Welcome to the community... I feel like we should all chant β€œone of us, one of us” with these first posts :crazy_face:


Alexa Integration: This is one-way from Hubitat to Alexa. Alexa can see Hubitat devices, So you will not be able to see Alexa only devices in Hubitat.

August Lock: The August Pro Lock is on the list of compatible devices. I would install into Hubitat, test, and then add to the Alexa Integration list of devices. Finally, I would remove the August applet from Alexa (so only one instance of the device is controlled).

MyQ: What door sensors do you have? If the ones from MyQ, you will need to work to resolve since the Hubitat integration does not support the MyQ sensors (I have a work-around to use these).

MyQ: The custom app and driver will need your MyQ id and password. The integration controls MyQ through the cloud where Hubitat sends a command to the MyQ cloud (just like Alexa). The garage door sensors determine the position so you can determine the position. Unlike the Alexa integration, the Hubitat integration allows you to open the door. Once integrated in Alexa, Alexa will prompt for a code prior to opening (but not closing).

Off after 45 Minutes: This is a job for the rule Rule Machine. The rule would look for the "open" state from the door, start the timer, and send the off command after 45 minutes. You should monitor "open" for the close event to end. I am not an expert here, so you will need to contact someone else.


wow, that was extensive. Thanks for that.

Alexa integration - that makes sense. My thought process when i had WINK was to use Alexa directly when I could otherwise use WINK(when there were threats in might go away). Today, I have the thermostats (HoneyWell), LG Harmony Hub, August lock - all only on Alexa. If I'm reading your point here, to have it all in Hubitat (given compatible and testing that it works) is more favorable in the long run and I agree with that. Thanks!

I have the sensors that came with MyQ. What is your workaround? I think I may get what you mean. I downloaded the RAW code for the MyQ Lite in User Apps and MyQ Garage door opener (sensors) in drivers. Where am I putting the username/password? Presumably in the MyQ Lite APP, I'd surmise. What is the driver actually for? After doing that what's the next step? Creating a virtual device? This is where i've read through this thread, I promise i have but as you follow the topic, somebody says something that completely turns the conversation in a totally new direction and then it becomes more difficult for a newbie to follow.

thanks in advance!

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First, the code with instructions are contained at the below:

From the instructions displayed on the main page:

  • Step 6. The driver I used was : myq-garage-door-opener.src
  • Step 12. This is where you enter your MyQ username and password.
  • Step 13. Here, I selected the Advanced option and selected to use garage door as lock. This allows you to set up Alexa to lock the door with a PIN to unlock it.

Next steps are more difficult. You may not want to use these. The alternative is to buy a separate garage door tilt sensor compatible with Hubitat, install, and link via a rule to MyQ. Steps for IFTTT:

  • Get an IFTTT account. It is FREE. (
  • Link Hubitat and IFTTT by creating the skill in IFTTT and installing the IFTTT App in Hubitat. (In the IFTTT App in Hubitat, select the MyQ device for linking to IFTTT).
  • Subscribe to MyQ in IFTTT (you are already subscribed to Hubitat).
  • Select the Hubitat applet and create two routines:
    • -- MyQ on will send the on command to the MyQ device when MyQ reports open to IFTTT. The Hubitat driver then sets the door to open.
    • -- My Q off. Will send the off command to the MyQ device when MyQ reports closed to IFTTT. The Hubitat driver then sets the door to closed.

Thanks for taking the time to help. I followed your instructions to step 13 and got the following:


Installation Details:

There was a problem updating devices: java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property 'deviceNetworkId' on null object. Line number: 609 Last successful step: Sensor Indexing


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It did not find the device. This is beyond my knowledge. (sigh).

Any help out there???


Ok, I got the app and I can control the door via the Device Page but I can't seem to get the Tile working with any GarageDoor template.

Use door control

I use Garage (control) template.

Ok, that makes sense to what is going on.

Did you add a sensor, tilt or contact, to your door? That is the most reliable easy way to make this app work.

I think there is another way to get door state, but I am not as familiar with that. From memory, I think there are a couple different drivers depending upon sensor, or no sensor install.

Were You able to eventually find the device? I'm getting the same message with mine.

I'm getting the same error. Did you ever resolve the issue ?

Do you have a door tilt sensor? Which code did you use, sensor or no sensor?

This app works much better with the sensor, by the way.

I thought that sensor meant the sensor at the base to stop it from closing if obstructed but I guess there is such a thing as a tile sensor - which I dont think I have. I'll try loading the other driver...?

Adding the device driver for the no sensor unit worked. Thanks!

The bad thing if you don't have a tilt sensor, Hubitat (or the Hubitat MyQ app specifically) has no good way to know whether the door is open or closed. You will probably mixed results using no sensor.

I think some people have used IFTTT to update the state of the door in Hubitat, but I am not familiar with that method. A search of this board should bring up this method.

The sensor that is often recommended is the Smartthing multi sensor, about $18 on Amazon. There are Zwave versions in other brands also, but are typically a little more expensive.


Thanks for the clearing that up

New to this group, trying to get my liftmaster door openers to work with Hubitat.
I have loaded the apps and the drivers as per instructions. I use the apps screen to select the app, no sensor, and it asks me for the chamberlain username and password but then freezes. Did I miss something?

The app never shows up in my list of installed apps either.