MyQ Android app with Vivaldi browser

Yesterday (Apr 11, 2022) I was unable to log in to the Android MyQ app, it would hang, give http 400, and http 500 errors. No idea why I was forced to log in, since I don't remember logging out of the app.

I spent many long frustrating hours on the phone with MyQ tech support. They eventually suggested resetting and reinstalling my MyQ hardware box so they could delete my account. I was so frustrated I actually stuck the pin into the reset hole for the requisite 5 seconds, but when I plugged everything back in, the MyQ device, and HE dashboard garage door open icon continued working :grinning: At this point I gave up, thanked Tech support for their time (the rep was very knowledgeable and patient), and continued poking at things.

Earlier in this process I noticed during the MyQ log in it displays a URL at the top of the screen. Are they using a browser for the long in? Strange but true. At this point I downloaded the MyQ app to an old android phone and it worked. WTF? Was it my phone? I thought well maybe it's a browser issue since the other device uses Chrome. I seriously doubt MyQ tested their app with Vivaldi, my phone's Android default browser. What the heck, I changed the phone's default browser to Chrome, and bam I immediately logged into the MyQ app.

Switched the default browser back to Vivaldi, and as long as I don't log out of the MyQ app (normally i never do) it continues working, as does the HE MyQ app.

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Honestly glad I don't have to deal with MyQ anymore. A zen16 does everything I need for the garage.

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