My timing was perfect

I've had a SmartThings hub for years, many Phillips Hue bulbs, and a couple of Logitech Harmony Hub remotes in the house. I was using IFTTT to integrate everything. Then, a couple of weeks ago I got a Hubitat and started migrating my SmartThings devices and automations over to it. I quickly discovered that Hubitat is far more powerful than SmartThings ever was. Also, last week I learned that IFTTT is going to a paid subscription service. I'd have to give up most of my IFTTT automations or start paying $10 per month to keep using it. Well, long story short, I've stopped using IFTTT altogether because I can automate everything (and more) with Hubitat AND it's local and not cloud-based. My automations are faster and more complete thanks to the ability to create far more complex rules. Notifications are improved. I've added several more devices and every time I do I just want more. My timing was perfect though. With the IFTTT announcement I was able to quickly just drop IFTTT completely and use Hubitat locally. I can't stop tinkering. I want to automate EVERYTHING! :slight_smile: :grinning:


Congrats and welcome to the rabbit hole! Be warned though it can be detrimental to familial/significant other relationships as well your wallet.

There are soooo many things to play around with.


Nah, it's a relationship builder. The wife couldn't sta d me pissing about with smartthings because whatever the effort, something was always broken. So far, she's actually encouraged the hubitat journey. She loves it. Reliability.


Agreed. Since moving over to Hubiitat, my tinkering time has significantly decreased. It's like I feel like I should be fixing something. But I have nothing to fix.... LOL


Then you clearly have not done enough with HA and need to step up your game!


Automated Classic Radio (seriously!)
Alternate Rules/Control interfaces and/or Dashboards etc.
Weather Station

I'm sure @april.brandt can give you some project ideas!!!


What about a park assist in your garage?
Low energy bluetooth


Well, my goal was mainly to have a system that I did not have to tinker with unless I find something new to try.

I have about 130 items total (Zwave & Zigbee) Took a total of 3 days to get them over and stable with same or similar rules I had on the OTHER platform and was constantly having to fix. That was more the point I was making.

Important note, I took a representative of each type of device and put them on HE about a week before I went all out and played with RM, Simple Automatons, Webcore, etc to learn the subtle differences. THEN I made a plan for the rules I was going to use and then brought all but the two items I was worried about and then got all my rules written. System wound up being stable out of the gate thanks to all the amazing community advice in the forum here. Nearly EVERY situation encountered was already covered by someone in some fashion.

Funny, on day two, we had an internet outage. Everything still worked! (except using google to issue commands). But, I have switches for everything and so, it didn't matter. On ST, those switches may not have worked as some of the drivers were cloud stored. Soooooo, another win.


The local nature is one of the most compelling things about HE. As I've said before with that one feature the hub becomes more like an appliance - something that can function as long as the hardware and paired devices hold out regardless of the state of Hubitat, Inc.

I use a 2x4 on the floor of the garage as our parking assistant. Works everytime, even with the power out! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Similar, I use these: Maxsa Innovations 37358 Park Right 21" x 11" x 2" Parking Mat, Black: Car Electronics

(Leaves room in the middle for me to lay under the car without a 2x4 in my back when changing the oil)

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But where's the imagination in that? Why not something that looks like a runway .. guiding you in? Think outside the box.


Step up your game and get one of these:

I actually looked at that before. Apparently, they can miss some debris in the bottom of the pan. (Also, on one of my vehicles, I only have access to the filter from underneath.... Funny though that I actually already had a similar idea)

I actually only use it for every other oil change for that reason. I let a professional do it the other times. But, i digress, back to the topic of the thread...... :grinning:

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