My Q smart Garage door opener on sale again

Its wifi, and I know its been mentioned previously, but if anyone needs to compliment their smart home, its on sale on Amazon again for $19.98 USD today , Dec 1st. It will allow you to remotely control your garage door and get notifications. I use Hubitat to notify me if my door is open or closed, but this will also allow you to open or close your door and also allow you to allow others to control your garage door if needed. I know I probably can do without it, but I'm hooked on inexpensive gadgets.

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Ships in 2 - 4 weeks. That's a bit ridiculous.

Agree! And Prime to boot! Wonder what happened to two day delivery!

Doesn't it still require a monthly subscription in order to use anything other than the Chamberlain app to control it?

Most of the integrations are free. The Key for Amazon integration is free for example (and does not require a camera either so $19 is a VERY cheap way to add Amazon Key). Integrations like Google and IFTTT normally cost $1 a month or $10 a year but all the premium subscriptions have been free since June of this year for a "special promotion" that they just never stopped. I think the reason they did it this way was to avoid everyone who bought one from signing up for them unnecessarily. That said, the Hubitat integration doesn't require a premium subscription as it does not use the same method to access the MyQ servers.

If you are worried about Hubitat controlling your garage door and not being 100%, $19 is VERY cheap even if you only used it as a backup method and the not the primary way that you control your Garage door. Plus, having Key for Amazon is really great. Your packages can be left in your garage instead of out in the elements. And unlike Amazon Key for smartlocks, Key for Garage does not require that you have an Amazon compatible wifi Camera.

I just threw away my MyQ. So flaky and unreliable. The z-wave gocontrols I replaced it with have been rock solid.

Just cancelled my Amazon order. Was concerned about wifi issues an door opening on its own. I then read your post about My Q and decided Go control with Zwave a better way to go especially when Hubitat shows it compatibile. Thanks!

I have a the MyQ also, had to replace the battery after a few weeks, but been ok since. I am adding a Zwave dry switch to it soon, cause I do not trust it since it had issues before.

the only reason i keep it installed is for Amazon Key.. the second door will just be the zwave dry switch also.