My new project. Airplane runway

Not really LOL but who knows a plane might mistake my road for an air strip lol
Ok so im building a mailbox/drop box. I live in a back road that only has 1 light pole. So i wanted to put a light on top of the mailbox but nothing i found online i found appropriate for my project until i found this thing on Facebook marketplace.

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Well, it has the possibility of really speeding up your air mail deliveries!




Good find.. I like that.

The spike on top will keep off the birds and puncture any aircraft landing tyres. Maybe it's the right resonant length for a Zigbee antenna too.


My mom grew up on a farm with no electricity. She hated the dark and eventually co-founded an electrical (& plumbing) wholesale company. Needless to say, the home I grew up in had orders of magnitude more lighting than the average house. And not a dimmer in it. Just eye-scorching light at the touch of a button (low-voltage switching - Touch Plate brand). Oh yeah, and 3 phase mains.

So I "heired it honest" and followed much the same pattern when laying out my house. During construction my head electrician came up to me and asked "Are we competing with the airport?" Full blast! ---And not a dimmer in it.

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Lets see LOL
haven't been able to get the cinder blocks to finish with all this pandemic shortages in construction materials.

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I already know i will have to use a diffuser inside the diffuser because it will be too bright. I will have it on a rule from sunset to sunrise with a dimming after x hour.
Also planing on a camera right above the mailbox in a tree that is next to it. Have electric running to the mailbox and will also install a google WiFi point there to extend the WiFi mesh. I already have 6 points and the router in a 1330sqf house , yes i know each one covers 1500sqf but i want strong signal anywhere i go in my property and used google WiFi are found cheaply on Facebook marketplace. Have 4 extras in the closet right now LOL

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A little background on the light.
The person i bought it from does tower maintenance in the state of Florida and he has been switching old lights with new more efficient LED light and they tell him to dispose of the old light in any matter he sees fit so he guts them out and sells them.
My particular light was on a 400' tower in the west of Orlando for the past 25 years until it was replaced. (Source the man i bought it from, take it with a grain of salt) the tower is right in the middle of a gas supplying company but it has seen many companies come and go in the past decades.
There was a few different styles to choose from. Pics attached....

Most are plastic but some have a diffuser made of glass and they are really heavy. Glass dome was about 1" thick. The guy i bough them from has 2 of the glass lights at the entrance to his property and they have been hit by a car and survived and even been shot at and only done a little hole without cracking.