My Linkind motion sensors all started reporting over 100% in Battery Monitor for no reason?

My Linkind motion sensors all started reporting over 100% in Battery Monitor for no reason. Any suggestions? They seem to be working fine.

what driver is the sensor using?

+1 to this thread. Driver Generic Zigbee Contact Sensor (no temp) Battery state says '192'.


try using the dedicated driver (Linkind Zigbee Motion Sensor).


That fixed it.



I switched all my linkind devices to the specific driver. Initially. no change. a few hour went by and it changed. I think I'm resolved.

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Today I had to rebuild all my contact sensors from scratch. The Generic contact Sensor Notemp was stated for the driver.

In the past dialog here recently, I overlooked that my Linkind devices were contact sensors, not motion sensors. They too are reporting the battery incorrectly SOMETIMES.
Of the 4 I created today, 1 went sideways. I tried re-adding it scratch and the same thing occurred. Also, the troubled one showed up as 'Generic Sensor'. the other 3 properly id'd themselves as Contact sensors. I compared the model/firmware info etc and all 4 are exactly the same - so not sure why the discrency on detection, or even if that is related. Sadly it's throwing off all the battery monitors and my private app... :frowning:

Hubitat does not provide a driver with that name.

since it's not coming from any of my drivers - but an HE driver I can't trace it down specifically since HE drivers are not shared - so it is identifying a function as 'generic sensor' I guess. True this 'generic sensor' was what Hubitat Android Dashboard recognized it as, but why only the 1 of 4? And the dash app gets its data from the maker api.

And to be more precise for you:

Please post a screen shot of the battery events you think are in error.

Uh. I can't. they were red and wrong all day - but say '100' now. One said 190 the other 120 for hours today but aren't anymore. sorry!

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