My initial thoughts and questions


Hi, just received my hubitat today, and first thing that should be fixed is the distance between the usb ports so both dongle will fit without using a cable..

Also coming from smartthings i feel the dashboard is... weak (comapred to what you get in actiontiles...)
Yes, i know sharptools is an option but as they now charge on a monthly basis i will drift away from sharptools again.. a one time fee like actiontiles is ok..

So, question is.. are the developers happy with the very limited dashboard option as it is today, or is it a work in progress?


Welcome aboard.

Its a work in progress. The dev's release updates almost weekly or bi weekly. They have a list of priorities and right now the dashboard is probably not the highest on the list. But its on the list.

We all learn to be patient. They are working hard and it has come a hell of a long way in the last year.


Welcome to Hubitat.

I am struggling a little on how to answer your post... Part of me wants to say "Geez, not a single nice thing to say about Hubitat?" :wink: Come on, now. I am sure there is something you like about it, right?

As for the USB port spacing... Since you're using two USB dongles, I assume you're not in the United States. Here, we only use a single dongle that handles Zigbee and Z-Wave. The US dongle does not handle Z-wave frequencies for other countries, which is why a separate Z-Wave dongle in shipped. What is amazing is how quickly Hubitat added shipping options for countries all over the world. Compare and contrast that to ST which is still supporting relatively few countries officially. Winner - Hubitat!

BTW - the actual black hub that Hubitat ships is a small Linux computer. The form factor is what it is. This helps to keep costs down versus a custom hardware design. Thus the USB spacing is fixed.

As for ActionTiles - that is a ST only solution and relies on the cloud. Hubitat's focus is on local automation and control. Many users are fine with the Hubitat Dashboard, SharpTools, ported SmartTiles, Google App, Alexa App, HousePanel, etc... There are plenty of options available to users. (BTW-The ActionTiles team has decided that they want to stay focused on SmartThings for now.)


@josh I had no idea of this, could you explain? Thanks


They charge 3usd pr month for the full version.. Its not much, but just prefer to pay a one time fee :blush:


I sent you a PM with the details. Early Adopters are grandfathered in with their existing features.

We are still offering a Free tier which provides one dashboard with up to 15 tiles. The Premium tier has unlimited dashboards, unlimited tiles, SMS notifications, and we will begin introducing some premium-only features/integrations. :slight_smile:


I am sorry that I came of whinny :joy: of course there are alot of good things here :blush:
Formfactor is nice and compact(the spacing is not a deal breaker just feels a little... But as you said, us dongle supports both in a single dongle so that explains it fine :blush:)
The fact that it's not cloud based is a huge plus :blush:
As I get to test it more I'm sure I have a ton more positive to say :wink:


Thanks Josh for the info, and sorry that my email got your email and send it to the spam!


Haven't received mine yet. So my question is the cable shipped with hubitat? Or i need to.go source the cable?!

Just received my customs bill an additional 51€ for the hub :confused: should be with me in a week.


No, relax, its shipped with the unit :slight_smile:


It also occurred to me while I was setting mine up that the USB dongle(s) being on cables is quite a good idea. Lets me keep the hub itself near the equipment rack, and the UPS, etc, whilst giving me the opportunity to stash the radios near the big piles of RF generating metal :wink:

Not that the shipped cable is really long enough for that, but I'm knee-deep in USB cables anyway - finding a couple of extensions is no big deal.

-- Jules


Fair point :slight_smile:
I did'nt think of it in that regard... but yes, a short 1m (3' for You US guys :wink: ) is maby a good idea it you want to place the hubitat in a less than ideal spot :slight_smile: