My Hub locked up yesterday


Thanks for the input. I've been running HE for about 1 month and only had the lockup once. I think I'll leave the system as is and see if the issue occurs again.


Thanks for the info on disabling drives. I have 2 drivers I'm not using (for the Xiaomi buttons), so I'll disable those.


Thanks for this I'm definitely going to start using this AT LEAST once a day, I've noticed what "appears to be" a cache filling up problem on one of my hubs, we'll see if this helps.


I suspected the Cache on my Coordinator to be filling up because of 2 things.

  1. My UI's of both of my hubs stays up and running 24/7 on a pc. After left idle for several hours when trying to open my Coordinator Hub's UI's the pages stay blank white for at least a couple minutes before finally populating. My device hub does not do this and populates almost instantly every time.

  2. When checking the device traffic on my router there is a big difference in data traffic between the two hubs, of course as the coordinator handles all wifi/lan/cloud devices, the device hub only handles zwave and zigbee devices only.

Coordinator Hub Traffic

Device Hub Traffic

So I set up this automatic reboot rule for twice per day, and so far (only 1 day in though) no more waiting on the UI, both hubs populate instantly even after hours of inactivity.


I was experiencing same slow response, and just setup the same reboot cycle, and so far so good.