My Great Migration Experience -> Away from ST

I posted this elsewhere as a comment, but thought it might be relevant to share here.

I decided to move away from ST, wasn't happy about it.
Couldn't avoid it much longer, there were too many things that didn't work, and support was no help at all. The latest message from Samsung was, unplug your hub for 10 minutes and let us know (that was the tier 2 person). Of course I had already done that with the Tier 1 person.
Every single generation 1 Zwave device that I have stopped working, or was burned out. Upon inspection, the capacitors blew up. Not on one, as could be expected, but rather on 4 within a space of 10 days. SmartThings still said they were unavailable, before and after failure.
I was a Vera beta user, bought Wayne Dalton and Intermatic Home Settings devices when introduced, so I have been playing around with this stuff for literally 15 years.
For the last month now, I have tried everything.
I fired up my Vera plus, one of three Vera's in the house. I still have my Vera 1 and 2, still had the same issues.
Many people recommend Home Assistant, but I did not enjoy the container / MQTT experience, as well as many other things. I work in software, but I'm not a developer, there is a reason.
I tried OpenHAB, Domoticz, and HomeSeer, too. I tried anything I could get my hands on, Win 10 versions, RPi versions, Synology NAS versions. All had their issues.

I have flashed my little RPi so many times that it is complaining. :wink:

I really wanted HomeSeer to work, as it was the most broadly compatible, plug and play option it seemed. Couldn't get reliable Zwave add/remove with their usb stick , or the ZooZ, tried on both RPi and Win10, reached out to support, no luck. I finally gave up with them.

I ended up going with Hubitat after all this experimentation and deserved familial verbal abuse (due to lack of function, many things in the house have been designed around automation).
The first hub with the 7 series chip, totally accidental timing on my part!
I have to say that it was very much harder to get my ST hub to remove devices than it was to get Hubitat to include them. The groovy interface is right there, in-app as far as the user can see. So, a very familiar way to add drivers that you don't have. But I haven't needed to add many, as the standard list is really good. My first gen wall switches, still working after 15 years, were added with no problem at all.
I love that Hubitat will add something using basic ZWave command classes, even if it doesn't know what it is. Others wouldn't add them if they weren't in the DB. As one might imagine, this has happened to me many times with all of my 'ancient' hardware.
The community is doing a great job of building drivers, and so is the company, Thank You!
Simple automation rules are the best, easiest interface. Something as plain as a sunset/sunrise timer was simple to do. I didn't have to install an app to look at the sun, then a virtual device to change status according to the app, then a rule to look at the state of the virtual device and turn my switch on/off. Samsung did this well. Every other platform, not so much. Hubitat makes it simple. I have all my devices attached now (over 60), everything is darn quick, being LOCAL processing.
Here are some random thoughts, if you see something that I have wrong, please let me know!!
The iAqualink Jandy pool integration isn't great. But it turns things on and off! Thank you for building it, sir!
Rachio works fine.
Alexa integration isn't perfect yet. I have to phrase things specifically for some devices.
Presence stuff is way better than anything else.
Adding apps and drivers is plain simple.
The device is tiny, tiny, easy to hide in plain sight.
It doesn't have a wifi connection, so that made it a bit harder to try and use it to fix my ST exclusion problem.
The radio is pretty powerful, being a 700 series chip, so previous concerns may not now apply as far as my mesh goes.

It seems obvious to me now that the hype is accurate, home automation people started a new company, and set out to build the best hub and software using the best ideas from all of us.
Seems to be succeeding on all fronts, at least for me.


I just used Hubitat to remove the devices the heck with what my ST thought. :grin:

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I finally grabbed a long ethernet, with a USB battery and it worked.

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USB Battery and a long cable is a great idea! Thank you very much for all the time you just saved me!


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Happy to share!!

Just an FYI, there are a few USB batteries that will let you charge them WHILE having it plugged into something.. I use this as a power backup short of using a APC for that. it lets me do exactly that, walk around with a long cord.

other than in wall switches (which you obviously cannot move) I have had good luck pairing devices right next to the hub and then putting in final location..even door locks. When i initially tried pariing in place especially s2 i had many issues and ghost devices . Once i started over and didnt try pairing stuff away from the hub, and also learned to wait sometimes some devices will finish pairing a minute or two afte rthe timer expires. Ive had much better luck.