My first Matter device - can't figure out how to connect to C8

I have a Meross matter plug Mss315. I can add it to the Meross app(android) and it works fine. I can add it to alexa and it works fine but what I want to do is add it directly to my C8. I'm looking at the Homekit Intergration but what I see doesn't make sense. Shouldn't there be an option under new devices for matter devices? When I read about Matter my heads spins a bit as I don't get it really. Am I way off the mark here on my expectation? Is what I am trying to do ever likely to work?

Hubitat doesn’t support Matter, yet.


Matter support is coming later in the year. In the meantime if you want connect it to home kit, then create a virtual switch on hubitat, expose it to homekit (or alexa if you prefer) and your rule. Then on homekit (or if you prefer alexa up to you) make a rule that says when the virtual switch goes on do this with the outlet...

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Don't worry, you're not alone. Many heads are spinning nowadays trying to get started with Matter, but eventually it will all get sorted it out, sooner or later. As others have mentioned above, Hubitat doesn't support Matter, just yet, so you cannot connect Matter devices directly to your Hubitat Elevation hub.


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