My experience with HE


Wow, what a dork !
Sorry to hear that.
I’ve had good results with one of these
Zigbee Repeater
and have another to get to get my Zigbee mesh out to my shed.
You can just wire up Active and Neutral and away you go.


Yep - agreed.
I just bought one off fleabay and will go that a go. Just really wanted the clean-ness of the usb plug. But thats ok.


Bah, im so stuck at the moment.
I have ST door sensors, Iris motion sensors, Xiaomi temp sensors and other bits and pieces all sitting here and no repeaters to build out my network. Its super frustrating. Atleast my rules / routines are running well and I can see the system humming away no issue.
Would like to lock down this presence issue with Life360 but supports taking awhile to get back to me. I am going to add the wifi presence in and look at Cobras presence central app. But other than that im kinda stuck til I can find some repeater options.


If devices aren’t falling off your mesh then it’s holding up but adding Repeaters will strengthen it.
This is a handy URL to use...


they aren't falling off as they haven't been developed yet. I wanted to build a proper mesh network with repeaters First, then add the devices in. Backwards I know, but its the way i wanted to do it.


Not really. That seems like a pretty sensible plan. You obviously have a lot more patience than I do as I tend to just do stuff and then spend more time than I should trying to figure out why it doesn't work.:grin:


yeah @bjcowles - to squash my frustration im doing each part step by step. If it works = happy, if it doesnt I can remove it. Its when there are multiple layers, with multiple rules and one thing hitches and then you have to unpick everything to find the error.
So im just sticking to one thing at a time.


So I guess I am on the edge (when I can lock down some repeaters) on adding Alot more devices to my system. After reading a lot of the forum - should I be starting off by changing my HE channels / Wifi channels on my system before adding 20ish devices ?
Id prefer to be on the right/better channels to start with then fighting devices falling off the network for no reason.


Many of us have been very happy on Zigbee channel 20. For me, that channel has been compatible with every device I have paired. Some older SmartThings devices refused to pair on higher Zigbee channels.

YMMV, of course!


Add me to that list.. my zigbee's on this channel and I have not had any interference problems etc.


@ogiewon @Cobra - follow up questions:

  1. Does it matter where in the world you are ? (geo-location - thats a stupid question)
  2. How does one change the channel of ones HE hub ?


I don’t think so.

Settings -> Zigbee


Many thanks for the continual support~!


Different countries have blocked off channels in the 2.4Ghz range, because of spectrum availability. So countries with fewer available Wi-Fi channels like the USA have more congestion in certain ranges. I've not looked at that stuff in a while, I recall there being higher channel numbers not available in the states. Maybe someone with more knowledge will chime in. I just wanted to clarify that Wi-Fi channels are effected by country regulatory agencies.


hey @michael.l.nelson - thanks for that. Im in australia in a medium density hosuing area (probably 4 or 5 wifi channels not mine show up in a scan).
I have an Orbi mesh wifi setup and a separate tp-link 2.4ghz channel just to run the yeelights as my previous Airport stations wouldnt let me pullout the 2.4 channel by itself properly.
I wonder if i should try and pull the yeelights over to my mesh (they are 2.4 only bulbs) and cut the 2.4 out of the system.


@ogiewon / @Cobra With HE set to zigbee 20 - should i set the hue hub channel to something specific as well ?


Maybe something like 15? I really don't know as I do not have a Hue bridge. Certain Zigbee channels have less overlap with WiFi, so those are often the ones people choose. I have never had any interference issues running 2-3 zigbee networks and 2 WiFi networks at the same time. Maybe I am just lucky?


I'm not qualified to do a wireless survey here in the states let alone in Australia. But I can give some information to consider. If you have the spectrum available to keep the yeelights on the TP-Link that would be good for the mesh system. Mesh routers use a combination of 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz radios to act as back hauls and aggregate bandwidth for your devices.
The older 802.11 standards pre AC like a/b/g/n force the an AP radio down to their level, crippling your mesh. Keeping that TP-link AP going is like adding an additional radio to your mesh. So instead of a Tri-band AP you have a Quad-band AP.
Oh and seeing 4-5 other radios would be a blessing. I have upwards of 20 bathing my house in barely skin penetrable mutating radioactive waves. If my skin were thinner, or I wore less clothes I'd have super powers by now I'm sure.


Oh, I assumed by your AVI those waves had already worked :wink:
Thanks for the info on the 'waves lads


Good point, but that's representative of my X-Box gamer tag DoTheHulkyPokie; not an actual depiction. BTW, I must be old because I had to look up AVI. Anyone else out there, likewise not in the know, AVI is slang for avitar.