My curious case of mobile presence

The presence of my mobile phone only changes just after putting the phone on charge or during the charge, what's that all about???

What device would be a big help to know since iOS and Android have different settings that determine presence

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Andriod Sony E5

I had something similar with my pixel 2 xl recently. Not sure if I did anything necessarily that fixed it. Just made sure battery optimisation was turned off for the HE app and that the app was open. Google messed up a few things I think with the Android 11 release recently, have you upgraded to that yet?

Optimisation is off and the phone would have to be routed to update to 11

After Android 10 Google said they would be more transparent on how background applications run and are terminated. So far I haven't seen any improvement in this process. Android still kills many apps that have battery optimizations turned off. I think they also have invisible tracking for how often you use the app and if you don't actually use it in a week or so it will be terminated. My battery monitor app got hit by this since I don't use the app just it's notification's.

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