Music player tile for Spotify on Echo Dots?

Is there a way to have a dashboard tile showing what is playing/control on my echo dots through out the house via Spotify?

All the topics I have seen so far seem to be people using Sonos.

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There is yes. Use the attributes of the device on your tiles. Also if you add the device and use the music player template, you should be able to get some control over them too.

Oh yep that seemed to work!
Sorry just follow on question, I can select the attribute option and shows the album art which is cool, but no controls. I select the device with music player tile and now can control the music but no album art so looks a bit bland. Any way to combine these and get best of both worlds?

EDIT: So from what I can see one way to do it was to stack the 2 tiles on each other and use CSS z-index to show the player controls like below.

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You can add as many attributes of the same device as you like.

So add another using the HTML tag for the album art, then add another of the same device as music player :+1:

Or css as you did, even better! How did you get that using css though that’s quite cool :sunglasses:

So just out the 2 tiles over each other and then found what the ID was (tile-9) and used z-index.


With the attributes, is there something else have to do to use more then one? As when drop down list comes out I can only select one option.


You have to add more than one. Unless you have SuperTiles app? That way you can add a lot of attributes to one tile.

Oh ok, yeah I have that app just not messed around with it. Going to check it out now and see what can do with it. Cheers for the help :slight_smile:

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No worries. I took it a little further and added virtual switches to use for artists or genre, but I use webCoRE to perform the search, so control all I want from three different dashboard (for each Alexa device).

I copied the layout json for each then changed the Alexa device where needed. Works really well. I suspect you can do the same with Rule machine perhaps. The virtual switches I set as variables and use the search Spotify command, and pass the virtual switch name in the command.

Feel free to PM me if you’d like more info mate :+1:

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You don't need to use CSS to stack tiles. The newest tile is always going to be on top when you stack them using the GUI. That's what I did.

This is mine at the min, although I'm using Echo Speaks via ST and HubConnect, so been a little tricky.

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Hey yeah that looks pretty cool! Was just going to have the player but I like the idea of having a few favs can select from like that.

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How do the favorites buttons work? I’d like to do something like that but with sonos.

They trigger a search on Spotify via the Echo Speaks app when switched on. I don’t have Sonos, so I’ve no idea if you can do the same sadly. Sorry :neutral_face:

So tapping on that just fires Echo Speak to get Spotify to play that? And that part all done via Webcore? Think could post screen shot of you piston for me to try and replicate that?

Sure, here you go mate.

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That looks awesome Royski!!
Love your work

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i am curious to the people who were doing this with the album art, artist, etc., how quick was the dashboard updating? When I tried, the tile wouldn't update until 30 seconds or more into the song so it seemed pointless. I am using Echo Speaks thru HubConnect.

Fortunately, I found a way to do it Node Red where the album art, song title, and artist are updated immediately when song starts.

Home Assistant does this through Alexa‘s unofficial API. The link below may give you some ideas on how to replicate this in HE.

The album art changes immediately as soon as the song starts.

Not sure if I am missing something but I am looking to also control my echo dots from the dashboard and saw this post.

"if you add the device and use the music player template"

How exactly did you make your "echo-office dot" show up as a device that you can control? Are you using an add in like "Echo Speaks"?

Appreciate the help in advance!

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