Multiple User Structure and Mobile App Questions

I installed my new HE this weekend and have transferred most of my devices over from Smartthings. So far I'm really liking it. It's more simple yes way more powerfull than ST. It feels like what I always wanted ST to be.

I'm ready to give my wife access and I'm finding the user structure to be unclear. My assumption was that I'd be able to add additional users to the hub but after searching the community it looks like you can only add one admin user to the hub. Maybe this is for the best but as a new user it's a bit counter-intuitive and documentation doesn't clear it up.

With that, what credentials would she use to log into the app? Does she create her own Hubitat account? Is logging into the app the only way to add her phone as a presence device? I'd rather not get into using Life360 for presence yet.

Thanks and any feedback is appreciated.

Sign your wife up as a new hubitat user with her email address. You can then add her email address (hubitat account) to your hub(s). You can have a number of presence devices per user by installing the app and logging in as the admin user, but I'd recommend each real user having their own account.

I have my phone, a tablet, and a desktop Android (Bluestacks) as presence devices for MY email address/hubitat account. My wife has both her phone and tablet as presence devices (if needed) for HER email address/hubitat account.

You could add ME as a user on your hub if I gave you my hubitat registered user (email). The hubitat accounts ARE case sensitive even if your actual email address isn't. You can elevate a user after adding them as guest access.

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Welcome to HE. I used ST for years, figured I’d try Hubitat out, and haven’t looked back in nearly two years now (man, time flies).

ST is still useful for some cloud connected features it has that HE doesn’t, but you can link your HE hub to your ST account with a community-developed app to get integration with HE (ST hub doesn’t even need to be plugged in since it’s all connecting through the cloud.

Have you read through the documentation section of the website in addition to the forum?

It’s not complete by any means, but they do have a walkthrough on adding new user accounts for the mobile app:

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These are life360:

They will show as your Life360 user

These are app install devices:

Hey, thanks a bunch for the quick help! That makes it clear now.

In my defense I searched the docs for "users" but the relevant article didn't come up. I think I was also getting hung up in the app on her phone because the login options are "new hub owner" and "existing hub owner" and neither seems like the proper option to add another user to the hub.

Thanks again!

Yes very confusing. Trying to add my wife and her phone.

On on your wifes phone create an account for your wife.
Click on link in verification email.
Download app on wifes phone.
On your phone open app and go to tools -> add user

Or on your phone go to
Open registered hubs
Open hub details
Add wifes email