Multiple Thermostats, Single Dashboard Control

I have 3 zones in my house with 3 separate thermostats. Most of the time, I change the temperatures together since everything is weighted pretty well. I have 3 thermostats set up in a dashboard, but I'd like to add a 4th one that when I change settings on that one, it changes ALL of the thermostat settings so I don't have to set each one individually. Is there an easy way to do this?

I think the Thermostat Controller would work for this application. It's a built in app. You can select multiple thermostats to control at once, and also select multiple temperature inputs (this is optional though) Have a look.

Yes, I am using this, but it requires me to log into the hub admin. I was hoping to expose something in a dashboard so I don't have to keep logging in.

You dont have to log in to use the thermostat controller. Just expose it to your dashboard and use the thermostat tile to get it to show up.

Ahh! That might have been what I was missing! I only had thermostat SCHEDULER installed. I didn't know there was a separate app for controlling them! Thanks!

Yep, Thermostat Controller! You're welcome :slight_smile:

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Or use RM and based on target temp change on main thermostat, adjust other thermostats targets.

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