Multiple simultaneous rule execution error

I have a Rule Machine app for control of an HVAC booster fan that affects the master bedroom and bath.

My intent is to turn on the HVAC blower and the booster fan when someone is in the bathroom for more than 5 mins (i.e. the shower is running) and have it run for 5 mins once they leave. Then set the HVAC blower back to auto and turn off the booster fan.

I also use the same fan to help equalize heating and cooling by boosting flow into those rooms. I had two rules, but was getting Multiple simultaneous rule execution errors so I combined them into one. Apparently, I didn't fix the problem. For the life of me I can't see where the problem is. Any help would be appreciated.


First thing I would do is replace the delays with waits for elapsed time.

Wait commands will be cancelled along with remaining events when the rule starts-up again, which should resolve the issue.


That is great information. I learned something new today!

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Yes, very helpful! And may help explain some other app behavior.

Thank you!

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