Multiple selection in driver enum not working?


I've got a input enum in a driver I'm writing marked "multiple" : true and it doesn't let you make multiple selections...anyone help out, is that not supported?

input("speakerid", "enum", title: "Speaker ID", description: "Add url/port then save for options", required: false, options: getSpeakers(), multiple: true)

Edit: I found out it's all working and the state is saved, however, its just the enum is not updated to the correct values after updating, how do I do that?


Just a bit more info, it renders a multiple selection, I can choose multiple items, but the items are not saved and after choosing more than one item from the list neither are saved.


I there an "Update" button at the bottom of the list. If so, click update and see if it saves.


@stephack - to clarify.

I see a multiple select
I am able to choose multiple items
After hitting "save preferences'
When I dump the state via "sendEvent" I see the two values I chose

The issue is that after hitting Save Preferences the state is saved, but the actual drop down does not reflect the chosen items.