Multiple Rachio integration

Just got my Hubitat and I am planning on porting devices from ST to Hubitat. I started with Rachio and it found 2 devices but I am able to select only one controller and zones in that controller not both. I am wondering if I am doing something wrong or this is a limitation and work to be done.

Same question. Has anyone successfully integrated 2 Rachio sprinkler controllers with HE? Like Kim, I too can only select one controller or the other (and the corresponding stations), but not both.

Having just installed my second Rachio device, I'm also wondering if anyone has been successful in accessing both controllers within HE.

@bravenel, +1. this would be amazing functionality to have. Right now, I have to prioritize front or backyards. Can this be added to your roadmap? Also, there's no documentation on
Thanks for your consideration!

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I just installed my two new Rachio controllers and ran into this same issue. Any word on improvement here?

Would this community version of the integration support your needs?

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