Multiple “Lock Code Manager” Entries in Log

Any idea as to why I’m seeing multiple versions of Lock Code Manager from within logs. They are identified as App:10, App:11, and App:13. I had a lot of difficulty getting this set up to work with my Kwikset 914C. Appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.

Just guessing but if you removed and re-installed Lock Code Manager you could have log entries from the "old" instances of LCM. The log entries for the device are not purged from the log file when you remove the app (same is true of a device). If you look at the 10 and 11 entries, are they all older dates & times?

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You are correct on the dates Eric. Not sure why they are logged as errors.

That looks like a legitimate error. Not sure what's causing that (sorry).

No worries thank you. Perhaps someone else will have some experience in this area.

Before worrying about Lock Code Manager, can we check the following about your lock?

  1. What driver is it using?
  2. Before pairing the lock to Hubitat, did you factory reset it?
  3. Can you add/delete codes from the lock's device page on your Hubitat?
  4. Have you turned on lock code encryption on the lock's device page?
  1. Generic Z-wave lock
  2. I attempted a factory reset and an exclusion from HA. The exclusion was clearly done, I wasn’t quire sure it actually completed a factory reset. It did give me an indication that it saw the existing codes which i believe was part of my confusion in doing the initial set up.
  3. Although very clunky i did manage to get users added after i changed from the Schlage driver to the generic z-wave.
  4. I have not enabled lock code encryption.

Did you delete any existing codes that are created when the lock is factory reset? Before adding any new codes?

I probably did. Since i thought i had done the factory reset i was not expecting to see the existing users. I first tried to edit them to add names and numbers. That didn’t go well so i started deleting some of them. Then went to add new users and it would not take them. That’s when i switched drivers and got it to take new users. The whole process was very confusing and clunky. Currently it is on my dashboard and appears to function correctly even with Alexa. I’m also now getting texts from the notifier. I was ready to declare victory until i saw the errors in the log. I’m getting much more familiar with HE due to the locking up issue.

Excluding is not a factory reset. That is just telling the device to clear itself of it's controller.

Understand. I went thru the process of both. The reset acknowledgement wasn’t as clear as the exclusion.

I thought lock code encryption was required (I have it enabled on my FE599) . . .