Multiple hubs dashboards in iPhone Hubitat app

I have a C7 and a C8 hub in my HE account. Is it possible to have a dashboard from each hub in the iPhone Hubitat app? I cannot have multiples of the same app on the same iPhone. If it is possible, how to accomplish this task. Thanks....

The app allows you to switch the active hub if you go to settings, or you could use HubMesh to share devices across hubs and build a dashboard that contains the local plus the shared devices.

I don't think that I can switch active hubs if I am not on my local network. Please correct me if I'm wrong. However, if I use the mesh idea for the devices to build another dashboard, will the cloud allow it if I'm not on my local network?

Go to settings and all the way down you can select the hub if they all on the same account. Its an annoying thing. Wish dashboard page would just show all hubs connected.

App will let you connect to the dashboard of any registered hub regardless of whether you are local. Same with the mesh idea, hubmesh will handle the behind the scenes coordination.

I'll give it a whirl. Thanks for the input....